Nike Dunk Low Sail Plum Eclipse

Shoe size: 37.5
SonderpreisCHF 90.00


Unveiling a timeless classic with a modern flair, the Nike Dunk Low Sail Plum Eclipse is a must-have for the colder seasons. This edition of the classic Dunk silhouette features elevated leathers, accentuated by the Diffused Taupe & Beige colors.


This sneaker, with its definitive Dunk structure, offers Sail highlights on the heel, toe, outsole, and the iconic Nike Swoosh against the muted white center panels for a captivating appearance. Additionally, the cushioned base offers unparalleled comfort to go along with the sleek style.


Fresh and fashionable, the Nike Dunk Low Sail Plum Eclipse perfectly integrates classic elements with modern-day style.

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